A new langauge for a five-part score

Identities, Digital
Visual Identity & Website 

Visual identity and website design created for the group exhibition lnside. The structure of the identity is flexible and can be used in various configurations. 

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Sydney, Australia : Rafaela Pandolfini and Stella Rosa McDonald, 2017

Art Direction
un Magazine
Actual Hell: Pedagogical Gags and Shaggy Dogs 2014–2017

Working in collaboration with artist Sarah Rodigari, a series of artist pages have been developed for un Magazine titled Actual Hell: Pedagogical Gags and Shaggy Dogs 2014–2017. Exploring the intersection of humour and art, the work examines the space of missing the point, failure and the gag for the issue.

Sydney, Australia : un Magazine, 2017
Jessica Glen Architect
Visual Identity

Visual identity for Jessica Glen Architect, a  new architecture practice based in Lyttelton, New Zealand. 

More images to come. 

Lyttelton, New Zealand : Jessica Glen Architect, 2017
Future Souths

Future Souths is an ongoing collaborative platform engaging artists, curators and, theorists invested in the aesthetics and dialogues of the global Souths. The website facilitates a series of online chatroom dialogues as a means of forming a vocabulary for the Future Souths project and making a contribution to the counter-archive of post-colonial art historiography. Each dialogue begins with a text, authored by one of the collaborators, which forms the basis of discussion with interlocutors. The dialogues collected through this process will be developed into a book, scheduled for publication in 2019.

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Sydney, Australia : Veronica Tello, 2017
Sydney, Australia