Ilam Press & North Projects
Pale Like a Fish

A publication that brings together a series of contributions from artists, writers and designers, developing a territory to think about the navigation of text, language and design in printed spaces. The publication seeks to position the page as a space to work in and outside of commercial endeavors; looking at how the influence of gesture and narrative in understanding ‘typical’ reading spaces may include detour and occasion, rereading and exchange.

Dawn Blood, Sophie Davis, Newspaper Reading Club, Ella Sutherland, Eleanor Weber, Riet Wijnen

Christchurch, N.Z : Ilam Press and North Projects, 2016
Risograph printed, 104pp, 112 x 178mm
Edition of 200

ISBN: 978–0–473–36239–3
Blue Oyster Art Project Space
The Brook Project

Celebrating the socio-cultural history of Carisbrook and its surrounding neighbourhood, The Brook Project encourages new dialogues about the potential of disused public space and the process of making informed, conscious and relevant public art projects.

The publication includes new writing from Kerry Ann Lee and Aroha Novak along, an interview with Caversham local Gregor B Campbell and poem by Leonel Alvarado.

Aroha Novak

Dunedin, N.Z : Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2016
Digitally printed, 38pp, 146 x 206mm
Edition of 200

ISBN: 978–0–473–36126–6
ST PAUL St Gallery
Dark Watch

A publication produced following Pauline Rhodes' exhibition, Dark Watchat ST PAUL St, Auckland. Includes texts by Tina Barton, Rebecca Boswell, Ash Kilmartin and Charlotte Huddleston.

Pauline Rhodes

Auckland, N.Z : ST PAUL St Gallery, 2016
Offset printed, 44pp, 176 x 250mm
Edition of 400

ISBN: 978–0–9922463–6–5
Biennale of Sydney
with a body always but but still drying

A publication that brings together some short texts produced in and around The Bureau of Writing, a project facilitated by the Biennale of Sydney and Artspace, Sydney in which seven writers worked alongside artists and events associated with the 20th Biennale of Sydney, The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal (March 18 to June 5, 2016).

The Bureau of Writing

Sydney, Australia : Biennale of Sydney, 2016
Offset printed, 48pp, 210 x 297mm
Edition of 1000

ISBN: 978–0–9578023–6–0
Ramp Gallery
Speaking Places: Hamilton 2015

Produced and designed by Matthew Galloway and Ella Sutherland, the Speaking Places series seeks to question how graphic design might offer alternative perspectives; drawing upon historical, cultural and social precedents whilst also claiming its own identity as an autonomous form.

Originally intended as part of a larger public art project, Speaking Places: Hamilton 2015, focusses on the ways language may exist and collide within the context of a specific locale and the ways in which the by-products of the natural and constructed environment can be understood, highlighted, traced and proposed.

Ella Sutherland and Matthew Galloway

Hamilton, New Zealand : Ramp Gallery, 2015
Offset printed, 24pp, 195 x 280mm
Edition of 1500

ISBN: 978–0–9578023–6–0
Sydney, Australia