The Dowse Art Museum
Slow Seeing and Attention to Make

Working with The Dowse Art Museum posters that were made between the 1970s and 1990s, Slow Seeing and Attention to Make removes the exhibition text and images but retains the specific graphic design elements. The visual language or fundamental rules of design – aspects such as line, rhythm, movement, balance, pattern and framing – are used to analyse the voice of the institution through looking at the changes in typography over time.

Wellington, New Zealand : The Dowse Art Museum, 2016
Ramp Gallery
Speaking Places : How to Work

An exhibition developed in collaboration with graphic designer Matthew Galloway to signal the launch of a larger temporary public art project, Speaking Places.

Below is an excerpt from the original press release for the show:

Focusing on the ways language may exist and collide within the context of a specific locale, Speaking Places : How to work looks at the different ways in which the by-products of the natural and constructed environment can be understood, highlighted, traced and proposed. This presentation seeks to question how graphic design might offer up alternative perspectives; continuing to draw upon historical, cultural and social precedents whilst also claiming its own identity as an autonomous form.

Hamilton, New Zealand : Ramp Gallery, 2015
ST Paul St Gallery
The right here and the moving

Borrowing the aesthetic of economic modeling, The right here and the moving is an attempt to visualise two options for the artist working in a social setting: either adopting a common language, or imposing one from outside. While as a diagram it implies linear clarity and textbook resolution, here pattern, colour and narrative are equally important. In the window space the diagram is broken down into its physical components, and operates simultaneously on multiple planes—vinyl on the glass, paint on the back wall, and smaller graphic pieces on board which occupy a middle ground, and an intimate scale in contrast to the billboard-size of the whole.

Auckland, New Zealand : ST Paul St Gallery, 2014
Window Gallery

Using elements of the past two years of Dog Park Art Project Space exhibition posters, Doghaus explores the notion of an unfolding graphic identity within an exhibition practice, the practical aesthetic of Bauhaus, and a personal obsession with Matisse’s mural Dance (1932—33).

Framed as a provisional conclusion to a project that sought a permanence and momentum Doghaus reveals Dog Park’s exhibition poster series as a practical, parallel action—acknowledging what perhaps began as a crafty elimination to a problem, gradually became the basis for a cohesive visual identify.

Auckland, New Zealand : Window Gallery, 2014

SF>Leisure>Time>Volcano is a companion publication to Seeing Which Way The Wind Blows, an exhibition project hosted by split/fountain, Auckland. The publication was designed, edited and printed in collaboration with Matthew Galloway and contains writing and designed outcomes relating specifically to the four lines of inquiry generated during the show.

Ella Sutherland and Matthew Galloway

Auckland, New Zealand : 2013
Risograph printed, 56pp, 195 x 280mm
Edition of 200
Sydney, Australia